Using your internal standards or industry standards, we can:

          Provide audit protocols.

          Conduct compliance audits.

          Evaluate program design and

recommend changes to enhance


          Provide technical support to resolve

audit findings.

          Program element analysis and review:

          Policy, procedures, and


          Training programs


          Audit and Review


Safety programs that are properly structured provide a higher level of performance. Programs should clearly define the following:

1. Well defined scope and objectives.

2. Specifically identified responsibilities

3. Assignment of authority

4. Technical accuracy and completeness

5. Identified resources

6. Records and reporting requirements

7. Audit provisions

8. Training

9. Integration with other programs


We can also assist you in improving your programs to achieve audit results to be proud of.


Program Audits and Reviews

Audits do more than verify compliance. They are a measure of program performance that can be used to build more effective management systems.

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