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During a major emergency , Emergency Operations Centers are challenged to develop information about the event and to make rapid and effective decisions. Even experienced Emergency Managers have faced a host of difficulties in meeting this challenge:

           Reading handwritten notes

           Establishing a chronology of events

           Adding/removing data from information displays

           Finding enough wall space to maintain displayed


           Creating timely and accurate reports

           Maintaining communications among EOC


EO-Net brings the power of integrated database systems to the Emergency Operations Center. With EO-Net software, any computer that logs on to your network can access the program. Within the security limits you set, multiple users can simultaneously generate and print reports, enter new data, review or assess incident status and send and receive messages.

Key Features:

          Event Boards for each Section and Unit

          Security System to limit access to sensitive data.

          Organization Chart with pre assigned Checklists

          Online Help

          Assessment Wizard

          Information Tracking

          Action Tracking

          Meeting Manager

          Messaging System

          Printed Reports



EO-Net - EOC Software

A complete network solution to managing your Emergency Operations Center

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